SS Lateral support

The Feeding Ball is an ad-libitum dispenser with swinging ball mechanism and adjustable flow to feed pigs in the farrowing phase and the period from weaning to breeding. It is installed on a pan where there may be a water level valve or nipple. Adding water to the feed increases the intake rate and the consumption of feed and water. Can be installed under a dispenser to limit the maximum daily ration.

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  • Quick, easy and user-friendly adjustment
  • Swinging ball mechanism with easily triggered appendage that simulates natural rooting action
  • The ball appendage prevents it from turning and getting the inside of the mechanism wet
  • Quick and easy disassembly system operated with a single hand
  • Maximizes consumption and minimizes waste of feed and water
  • Access to fresh feed 24 hours a day
  • Animals quickly adapt to their use
  • Does not block
  • Easy access to the inside of the mechanism for cleanin


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