Rotecna’s Silotronic is a sensor with laser technology that allows you to know, in real time and from anywhere, the level of feed available in the facilities.

This solution improves employees’ safety by avoiding visual control from the top of the silos. Likewise, it helps to optimize feed distribution routes and times, reducing transport costs and minimizing the return of product surplus.




  • Comprehensive customization of the platform: farms, users, geolocation, color coding.
  • The new Silotronic allows its installation in silos with more degrees of inclination of the upper cone.
  • User levels: dealer, company, and farmer.
  • Electronics and batteries have a special compartment, guaranteeing the tightness of the electronics.
  • Configuration of silos, feed, and sensors.
  • Notification of alerts via email by type of product and / or silo, and control of anomalies by temperature, dirt, and battery level.
  • Empty silo setting with tare function.
  • Product level control
  • Logistics optimization
  • Control system for farms


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