In its effort to continuously improve the profitability of farmers, Rotecna launches a new model of its two types of Ni-2, the covers to protect newborn piglets. The new transparent design allows a perfect visibility of the interior of the nest and facilitates the control of the piglets during their first days of life, without having to access the interior of the square to open the lid manually, so the probability of contamination is reduced crusade of diseases between maternity pens through the feet.

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  • Fixed part of a piece in slope to improve its cleanliness and resistance
  • Lamp opening with a waterproof connection
  • It allows to keep the rooms at a lower temperature and reduce the power of the heat sources for the piglets
  • Without nerves that make cleaning difficult
  • Lightweight and sturdy monoblock structure
  • It can be cut to size
  • Facilitates piglet control without access to the pen
  • Greater visibility inside the nest
  • Reduces the likelihood of disease contamination among pens


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