In its effort to continuously improve the profitability of farmers, Rotecna launches a new model of its two types of Ni-2, the covers to protect newborn piglets. The new transparent design allows a perfect visibility of the interior of the nest and facilitates the control of the piglets during their first days of life, without having to access the interior of the square to open the lid manually, so the probability of contamination is reduced crusade of diseases between maternity pens through the feet.

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  • Transportable and easy to install
  • Height adjustable quickly and easily
  • Opening for lamp with connection that does not allow air currents
  • It allows to keep the rooms at a lower temperature and reduce the power of the heat sources for the piglets
  • Without nerves that make cleaning difficult
  • Lightweight and sturdy monoblock structure
  • 20% to 40% reduction in energy consumption
  • More piglets per birth and of greater weight, by reducing the death rate
  • Greater comfort and feed consumption of the mother
  • Increase the weight of piglets at weaning
  • Improves the climatic needs of the piglet and protects it from drafts
  • It allows to reduce the ambient temperature of the room, improving the comfort of the mother
  • Easy to clean, for the possibility of lifting and accessing the bottom
  • Top opening for infrared lamp or led cover placement
  • Isolates the mother from the heat of the lamp

Additional information

NI-2 mobile type

50 cm Open, 40 cm Open


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