Heat Detector

The Heat Detector allows timely detection of sows’ heat and marking those that are ready to be inseminated at the right time in a very precise, reliable and automatic way. This is vital to improve fertility, prolificacy and reduce non-productive days.

A simple but highly effective procedure characterises Rotecna’s heat detector since it identifies the sows in heat according to the duration and number of visits they make to the boar through the inspection window. Sows in heat visit the male more frequently and for longer; it marks them when the system detects these patterns.



  • Resistant and robust structure made of stainless steel.
  • It works with the same type of electronic controls as the Dositronic G.
  • Animal marking system incorporated into the detector itself.
  • Easy installation in any type of pen.
  • Labour savings and greater safety for operators.
  • Reduction of non-productive days.
  • Increased fertility and prolificacy.
  • Notification of sows marked in the user program.


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