Dositronic Plus

The new electronic dispenser for farrowing sows that enables simple, effective feeding customization and optimization. The Dositronic Plus allows breeders to control and manipulate the basic parameters right in the farrowing pen. It is equipped with a very intuitive system of colored LED lights that makes it easy to monitor the sow’s feed intake.

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  • Uses a sensor in the feeder that transmits information on the sow’s feeding behavior.
  • Can be adapted to most of the existing feeders and dispensers.
  • Maximizes feed intake.
  • Less feed wastage.
  • Feed is always fresh.
  • Greater milk production and wellbeing of the sows.
  • Shorter weaning-heat interval and higher number of sows coming into heat.
  • Greater fertility, birth rate and prolificacy for the next litter. Higher farrowing rate, longer sow’s lifespan.
  • More homogeneous piglets, with a higher weight on weaning.
  • More piglets weaned sow/year.
  • Possibility of analyzing consumption data.
  • Reduced handling costs.
  • Possibility of automating water distribution.