Tecnapur TP-01

The TP-01 Solid Separator is used to manage, from the livestock farm where it is installed, solid liquid separation of slurry and the generation of high quality compost. The TP-01 Solid Separator performs the three basic functions of filtering, pressing and scraping in a single unit and can treat up to 20 m3/hour*.

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  • Real consumption of less than 0.75 KW/h.
  • Can treat both high-density (large amount of solid matter) and high-liquid (little solid matter) slurry.
  • Does not need grinder pumps in order to operate.
  • Does not need pre-filtering ramps to concentrate liquid slurry with low solid content.
  • High-performance separation due to large filtering area.
  • Very high performance liquid-solid separation due to very small area round-hole sieve.
  • No blockage due to adjustable brush cleaning system.
  • Because the sieve has round holes, filters most pig hairs that are discharged with the solid fraction.
  • Scraping and pressing system with plastic finish in contact with sieve.
  • No friction between metal parts, which considerably extends the useful life of the sieves in the scraping and pressing system.
  • Includes innovative new Environmental Protection system for solid retention (ear-tags and other plastics) so that they are not spread in the fields.
  • Inlet volume adjustment system, which is important for adjusting the system to different types of slurry.


  • 1 HP reducing motor.
  • Maximum treatment capacity: 20 m3/hour*.

*Depending on solids present

  • Depending on use, different filter sieve sizes can be fitted.
  • Patented system.
  • Made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.


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