Dositronic M

Dositronic is an electronic feeding system for farrowing sows that enables automatic application of feeding strategies. Dositronic applies feeding curves that are assigned to each animal individually, dividing the daily ration into several intakes. Fitted with sensor, which the sow has to trigger in order to be dispensed her ration. A system of LED lights instantaneously and intuitively indicates how the sow is eating and the feed level being applied, so the feed level can be reduced or increased by pressing a single button on the same device.

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  • Highly reliable and accurate DC motor
  • Multiple installation options
  • Pushbutton panel available on left or right
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • High capacity for analysis of feed consumption data
  • Maximizes the feed and water consumption of farrowing sows
  • Increasing milk production significantly increases the number of weaned piglets per sow and year, while also increasing average weight and uniformity
  • Improves condition of sows after farrowing, which reduces the time for weaning to breeding and increases fertility, prolificacy and weight of the piglets born in the next delivery
  • Reduces feed wastage and labour required for feeding
  • Easy to install even in existing systems
  • Does not require technical training for everyday operation
  • Data analysis provides highly valuable information

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Electronic feeder type

Dositronic L (Left), Dositronic R (Right)


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