Complementary Slats

Complementary slats permit a wide range of designs in farrowing, transition and fattening, which improves the features of floors and reduces their cost.

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  • In farrowing, mean the piglet rest area can be separated from that of the mother.
  • Can be combined with cast slats in the areas outside the mother’s entrance to the farrowing pen, reducing the cost and allowing piglets to be born in a cleaner and more isolated area.
  • Special widths or lengths permitted in any installation without the need to cut slats.

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Slat Size

Weaner Slat 100x400mm, Weaner Slat 100x500mm, Weaner Slat 200x400mm, Sow Slat 200x600mm, Sow Slat 600x200mm, Sow Slat 600x300mm


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