Blind Slats

For piglets and sows.

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  • Rest surfaces for farrowing, transition and wean to finish.
  • Isolates the animals from the gases coming from the pits and disturbing drafts.
  • Thermally insulating and the ideal surface for projecting sources of radiant heat onto.
  • Under feeders and pans help to collect wasted food remains.
  • Installed under the front of the farrowing cage they make for an ideal resting surface that is smooth and has a good grip, minimizing problems with shoulder ulcers and nipple damage (600×400).


  • Highly resistant and durable.
  • Very easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Animals lose less heat by contact.
  • Smooth surface with very good traction.

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Blind Slat 600x400mm, Blind Slat 600x500mm, Blind Slat 600x600mm, Blind Slat 600x800mm, 10% Open Blind Slat 600x600mm, Partial Blind Slat "A" 600x500mm, Partial Blind Slat "B" 600x500mm


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