Water Heated Plates

The different models of heating plates we permit the creation of comfortable microclimates for farrowing, weaning and wean-to-finish.

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  • The wide range of sizes makes them more versatile.
  • No air bubbles inside the pad thanks to its easy filling and special “non-air” closing cap.
  • Optimal temperature distribution.
  • High energy efficiency. The water heated plate features very low consumption.
  • Simplifies the equipment required to control temperature and pressure.
  • Anti-slip surface.
  • Its solid structure and the “out-dirt” support make the pad very robust, hygienic and easy to clean.

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Water Heated Plate 600x400mm, Water Heated Plate 1200x400mm, Water Heated Plate 1200x500mm, Water Heated Plate 1200x600mm


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