TR-2 Finisher Feeder

The TR-2 is the best option of dry feeder with 2 outlets. The V-shaped design of the feeding outlets makes the access easier and allows 2 large pigs to feed at the same time without any problems.

15 per skid

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  • The exclusive design of the slide gate provides for easy one handed regulation even if the feeder is full.
  • Its design prevents feed accumulation and bridging inside allowing the feed to flow better.
  • Lower transport costs as they are stacked on pallets.
  • Made entirely of high-density polypropylene plastic and stainless steel, materials with a high resistance to animal impacts and corrosive and oxidizing agents.
  • The absence of pores and corners, and the elevated feeder base facilitate cleaning and ensure optimal hygienic conditions.
  • The “sandwich” system ensures that the closure does not have to bear resistance from the feed as it is not in direct contact with it and is protected by two sheets which it slides smoothly between.


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