Easyfix Luna

The new EASYFIX Luna range of floor products are designed to provide environmental enrichment for pigs. There are four products in the new range, developed specifically for piglets, weaners, finishers and sows. Made from high quality natural rubber, the products are pliable, durable and safe for pigs to bite on.

“Pigs interact with the EASYFIX LUNA up to 80% of the time. The combination of mobility and rollability retains the pigs interest and motivates other pigs to join in.”

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    • Environmental enrichment helps to reduce tail, ear and side biting.
    • The pig enrichment devices remain at floor level, imitating the pig’s natural posture and behavior.
    • Up to 6 pigs can interact with the device at the same time.
    • The Luna combines mobility and rollability, while always remaining in reach.
    • Non-toxic, made from a high quality natural rubber compound.
    • Unique design with 12 protruding rubber legs.
    • Only 3 legs are in contact with the floor at any time.
    • Brightly colored for easy observation in the pen.
    • No cleaning required.

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Luna 50, Luna 86, Luna 117, Luna 142


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