Ferrocast Slats

The Ferrocast® slats are made of high quality cast iron in a patented manufacturing process that guarantees smooth, wear-resistant surfaces.

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  • Ferrocast® slats are available in two models, level bed and elevated (15 mm), and can be fully integrated with our plastic slats.
  • Avoids injury of the udders and hoofs.
  • The elevated slats make suckling easier for piglets.
  • Helps the sow to dissipate body heat better.
  • The round bars facilitate the evacuation of excrement, improving cleanliness.

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Ferrocast Even Slat 600x600mm, Ferrocast Even Slat 1200x600mm, Ferrocast Even Slat 1000x600mm, Ferrocast Step Slat 1200x630mm, Ferrocast Step Slat 1000x630mm


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