Sow Slats

The Sow slat is designed to resist extreme abuse of the sow.

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The slats for sows are ideal for installation under the cage or pen in farrowing, as they keep the animals clean and dry, providing the necessary comfort without damaging the sows’ nipples or the piglets’ hooves.

The direction of the paired interconnected ribs maximizes resistance, and with the non-slip profiles on their surface ensures good drainage and grip.


  • Highly resistant and durable.
  • Very easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Fast drying and excellent drainage.
  • Animals lose less heat by contact.
  • Smooth surface that is not harmful to shoulders or nipples.
  • Excellent traction for sows.
  • Excellent grip for piglets to suckle without damaging hooves or knees.
  • Beam to beam ribs in the same direction as the bridges for greater resistance.
  • Ribs interconnected in pairs.