Ventilated Panel

The panels developed by Rotecna’s R&D Department meet any pig breeders’ requirements as they guarantee the animal wellbeing in a profitable and efficiently-run pig farm. The different versions of the dividing panels (blind and ventilated) are very versatile in designing pig pens. Breeders should bear in mind 2 essential advantages when building pens: resistance to damage caused by the animals and corrosive agents; and easy cleaning and disinfection.

39 3/8″ x (*) x 2″ made to length

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  • Grid-like internal structure that allows uniform, stable, strong welding and closed sealing.
  • Lighter in weight than other alternatives, making them easier to transport, assemble and handle.
  • The material is highly resistant to corrosion and to chemicals used for disinfecting.
  • Smooth, non-porous surface that repels water and dirt facilitating the cleaning and disinfection processes.
  • Standard measurements: 39 ⅜” tall x (*) x 2” – made to your desired length.
  • The panels are assembled so that they meet the client’s requirements in terms of measurements and combinations, maintaining all their advantages.