Feeding Ball

‘Ad libutum’ feeder for sows in farrowing and gestation.

14 per box, 210 per skid

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  • Maximize feed consumption.
  • Better accessibility.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Minimizes feed waste.
  • Ball with an appendix to prevent feed blockages.
  • Combining it with the VRH-3 in the feeder increases feed and water consumption.

With the Feeding Ball dispenser the animal can choose its feeding rhythm and have access to fresh feed 24 hours a day.

What are the advantages of using the Feeding Ball during the lactation phase?

  • It prevents stress. Having fresh feed available 24 hours a day allows the sow to dose the quantity and frequency of its feed intake (up to 60% of its consumption is at night).
  • Increases sow’s daily feed intake. The sow produces more milk and the piglets are heavier on weaning.
  • Reduction of weight loss and fat loss. The sow comes into heat better and this directly affects the prolificacy of the following delivery.

During farrowing the rhythm and quantity of the sow’s feed intake vary. This affects milk production and the sow’s productivity during the following gestation.

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Feeding Ball – Plastic support, Feeding Ball – SS support


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