Grow Feeder Maxi

Only an evolution of the genuine finisher feeder could be better than the original. Its design makes it easier for animals to adapt and improves conversion rates. This is also known to many as the Rotecna Show Pig Feeder!

27 feeders per skid

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  • Large 60L capacity.
  • Its anti-condensation design allows for the PVC pipe to be installed on both sides, protecting against violent treatment by the animals.
  • Longer feed drop mechanism to provide for easier access even to small piglets.
  • Inclined nipple.
  • Single-piece injected feeder making it more robust and easy to clean.
  • Feed drop mechanism is easy to open with a simple movement of the trigger. Guarantees total cleaning.
  • Stackable to optimize the transport costs.
  • The regulation provides for precise adjustment and feed quantity control to help reduce feed waste.
  • Stainless steel protectors.