Splayleg Stop

Reduce the number of sick piglets unable to walk and get feed. Its fast application solves the problem in a few days.

20 pieces per box, 60 boxes per case

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  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to put on the Splayleg Stop as fast as possible when a piglet suffering from splayleg is detected.
  • Keep the piglet’s skin dry and clean so that Splayleg Stop can be stuck to its back well.
  • Wait a few minutes so the piglet gets used to the Splayleg Stop.
  • Splayleg Stop has proved its effectiveness on viable piglets.



  1. Remove the protective paper from the lower part.
  2. Softly wrap the strip around the piglet’s leg.
  3. Do the same with another leg and make sure it sticks to the piglet’s skin properly.
  4. Tighten the straps, so the piglet’s legs are kept backwards.
  5. Cross the SPLAYLEGSTOP joint over the animal’s tail.
  6. Make sure the strap remains stuck to the animal’s back.
  7. Make the strap go through the animal’s neck.
  8. Let the animal stand upwards on its own for a few minutes until it finds its balance to walk.
  9. Once in the farrowing pen, the piglet can reach his mother and get feed the same way as the other piglets.

Do not use SLAYLEGSTOP for longer than 3 days.